​The world is changing rapidly and with new technologies, changing communities, economic uncertainties and unstable climatic conditions, it is important that we teach our children how to navigate this complex world.  By making the connection between education, the natural world, global issues, service and philanthropy, our children can understand how their everyday choices impact the planet and its people. 

Sacred Keepers believes our youth deserve to have an enriched understanding of how the natural and social environments effect their lives and how their everyday decisions affect the world. We believe that when you provide youth with opportunities to learn and serve, they can be great agents for enlightened, transformative change.

Now more than ever, our future viablity depends on the empowerment of our youth to be the innovators and compassionate humanitarians of the future. 


Connecting youth to nature through indigenous cultures and environmental value systems.

Building relevant, place-based education models to enhance STEM learning. ​

Fostering social responsibility and global citizenship through youth-driven philanthropy and goodwill.

The Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab is a Chicago based, non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability and environmental service learning, youth driven social philanthropy and connecting our youth to nature and indigenous cultures.

SKSL aims to teach our youth about the world around them by integrating environmental sciences, indigenous culture studies, service and philanthropy in effort to inspire our children to become true inheritors of the Earth. Indigenous cultures have practiced sustainability throughout time, honoring  Earth's natural laws with respect to their dependencies on Her - they were the original Sacred Keepers of the Earth. 

"...the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way..." 

But are we adequately preparing our children for the challenges of the future? Are we raising a generation of children who really understand HOW the world works both in their communities and across the globe? SKSL believes standard education alone isn't enough to ensure that our children become the compassionate, critical thinkers that contribute a to sustainable future. SKSL is committed to providing the tools needed to adequately prepare our children not only for their future but generations to come.